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Rating Terms

Tobacco-Use Rate

BluePreferred has a discount for non-tobacco users. To be eligible for these rates, an individual must not have used any tobacco product (cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, pipe) for twenty-four (24) consecutive months prior to the date of application. For a family program, ALL members must be non-tobacco users for twenty-four (24) consecutive months to qualify for non-tobacco user rates.

Rate Calculation
Rating provisions for BluePreferred are additive. For the deductible coinsurance level selected, rates are added for the customer, spouse, and each dependent child; male or female by age category; and the tobacco use or no tobacco use distinction.The Dependent rate refers to a dependent child. This rate is multiplied by the number of dependent children in a family. Those above nineteen (19) must have their own contract and cannot be classified as a dependent child on family coverages. However, family coverage can include an unmarried child who is a full-time student under 24 years of age who is financially dependent upon the parent. At the end of the month of the limiting age, as appropriate,the child is automatically removed from coverage as a Dependent. We must receive substantiating documentation of student status and financial dependency. This also includes an unmarried child of any age who is medically certified as disabled and dependent upon the parent. We must receive notice of the condition.

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